AdirOffice Portable Travel Gun Safe Review

AdirOffice is one of the few companies that understands its consumer’s needs and works to provide the best products that meet those needs. The brand provides designer level quality in all its office supplies and products at a great price, while keeping its business ideologies maintained to professional standards.

The company acknowledges that office supplies and security are pretty costly these days. Individuals are struggling to keep their homes safe, and having guns placed haphazardly around the house just adds to the security concerns. Not only that, but several security providers do not take emergency situations into consideration, so their safes aren’t as user-friendly or portable for safety on the go.

That’s why AdirOffice provides a better alternative by avoiding conventional channels, making quality security products for any home. That way, they provide better quality, improved durability, and great design in their safes at a fraction of the market cost. The company makes sure that purchasing safes and security supplies become an easy and fun endeavor, without breaking the bank.

Their amazing research and development teams are among the top professional and experienced staffs out there. All the safes are portable, have a large capacity, and are designed with top-tier materials and mechanism.

After detailed consumer feedback collection, AdirOffice perfectly understands the need for security, safety of weapons, and possessions during travels. Moreover, they know the importance of safe concealment and easy access to firearms at home or in the office. That’s where the design for the AdirOffice Portable on The Go Travel Gun Safe comes in.

Key Features

  • Dial or Keylock options with two keys
  • Top notch durability
  • Four layers of removable foam lining
  • Additional security if anchor cable is connected to a fixed object
  • Scratch-resistant professional finish
  • Exterior size: 9.4 x 6.5 x 2 inches
  • Ideal storage option for handguns or prescriptions while traveling
  • Manufacturer provides one year of warranty
  • Package includes two locking keys and coated steel anchor cable
  • Interior size: 9.3 x 6.1 x 1.9 inches
  • Easy concealment
  • Strong solid black steel construction
  • Weighs 2.8 pounds

Storage and Concealment

For families with kids running around the home who’s worried about them finding their firearms by accident, it is important for them to have all weapons safely and securely concealed and stored. Keeping them in the AdirOffce Pistol Lock Box is the ideal way to appropriately secure any small handguns at home or while your family is traveling.

With easy concealment, this compact and lightweight product can be efficiently stored under vehicle seats, in spare tire pockets, under mattresses and in other safe locations around the home, office or during any travels. The safe’s simple black design makes the safe subtle and easy to be confused with a regular toolbox or carry-on, so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted people finding it.

Construction and Durability

We all have precious items that, if stolen or lost, cause a high degree of agony. Whether you are at home, at a university campus, or traveling, the AdirOffice Gun Safe is the impeccable solution to provide you tranquility of mind.

Professionally designed, using a solid steel construction, the AdirOffice Pistol Gun Box will give a long-lasting durability for several years to come. In addition, it comes with a scratch-resistant stylish black finish that delivers a beautiful professional look that fits any space.

The safe’s design and durability allow you to make sure that your valuables are safe and secure from damage, theft or unwanted access, while the outer surface provides high-grade steel construction and stylish design.

On the inside, there are four layers of foam lining for added protection of your firearms and other valuable possessions from any scratches and damage. These linings can be taken out, or rearranged to give more storage space for extra items in case you want to carry or store more valuable items.


If you own a handgun for security purposes, or you own precious items that you want to safely store, it is your job to securely store them for better security. Putting your valuables in a bedside drawer may give you quick access in emergencies, but it is not the best idea, especially if you have people coming and going through your home or office.

These items require a safe storage space that cannot be accessed easily and can withstand any prying or burglary attempts for security and anti-theft reasons. Whether you’re at home, traveling across the country, or working long hours in the office, the AdirOffice Portable Travel Gun Safe is designed to stay closed unless needed by the person who can handle a firearm. You don’t have to worry about anybody stealing or accidentally coming across your guns or possessions with the solid design and security that comes with this case.

Locking Mechanism

While biometric security mechanisms are most people’s go-to choices these days, nobody can deny the benefit of standard locking mechanisms. What’s great about the AdirOffice Portable Travel Gun Safe is that it comes with two lock options – dial or key locks.

This way, if you forget your dial code or have trouble getting access using that lock, you can use the provided keys to gain quick access even in emergency situations. Similarly, if you were to lose your key, you can use an additional backup key for access. In case you misplace the backup, the dial lock is your best bet, so no matter what you have a quick and safe way to open your case.


For additional convenience, the case is compact and lightweight so that you can easily carry it around whether you’re at home or out traveling. It’s a great addition to your automobile as you can rely on that to place your pistol in there and the magazines and not to mention how several folks out there have a safe in their car.

Its compact size makes it ideal to take with you during long travels to foreign countries where you’ll want to have control over your safety as well as that of your family’s or colleagues. You can also easily switch hiding places without having to worry about difficulty in carrying such a light case.


Not only is this pistol box great for storing handguns or pistols, but it also great for providing safe storage for passports, money, mobile phones, credit cards, watches, jewelry and other valuables at home or during travels.

Now you don’t have to invest in additional carry-ons storage for all your valuables when you can have them safely stored in one place for easy access and improved security. This safe is user-friendly and seems to be very sturdy. It comes with easy to follow instructions for setting the lock code and the disks are smooth and easy to turn.


The main concern for any handgun owner is to make sure that they have their items safely kept away. We’ve already discussed how the AdirOffice Pistol Lock Box gives you a secure place to keep your guns locked away from kids or burglars.

There are various other storage options available with this box. For instance, the AdirOffice designed the case with a unique dual locking mechanism that features a case with a spring-loaded access door that makes use of the rapid access locking system which makes it possible to open the box as soon as the correct access code or key has been used.

Moreover, it comes with an alarm system that warns you when wrong access codes have been used. This makes it the safest carry-on travel option to rely on any time or anywhere.


  • Stylish design
  • Secure locking mechanisms
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Portable
  • Solid steel construction
  • Affordable
  • Effective alarm system
  • Concealable


  • Compact size makes it easier to steal
  • Only stores small items and guns

Final Thoughts

Overall, the AdirOffice Portable Travel Gun Safe is a great purchase for anybody looking for an affordable security option both for home,office or while traveling. What makes the case so unique is its portability, storage space, weight, and ease of use overall. Some folks might find that the case isn’t as secure because the biometric security locking system is not available in this safe

Furthermore, if you have young kids who do not understand the possible dangers of a gun, it’s necessary that you keep these securely stored. Placing these in this Gun Safe is a great way to properly protect your small firearms in the home or while traveling.

Having said that, the pistol box more than makes up for this with its dual locking mechanism, solid steel construction that withstands all drop tests, and a design that makes it great for both concealment and quick access. If you’re looking for the best buy for your travels so that you stay safe in any situation or location, then you must get your hands on the AdirOffice Pistol Lock Box.

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