Amazon Basics Home Keypad Safe Review

Product Overview

This is a basic security safe that comes to you from Amazon in home brand. It features a biometric security sensor that can store up to 50 individual fingerprints. The safe is powered by four AA batteries that can last for up to 1 million reasons. The interior of the safe comes with a single shelf. That is removable. The footprint of the safe is large enough that you can store to full size handguns next to each other. The interior is unpadded, however, so keep that in mind.

The walls of the safe are made of 14-gauge steel, with the door being made of 8-gauge steel. The safe weighs only 40 pounds, which means that it can be moved fairly easily unless you secure it to the floor. Thankfully the safe does come with the mounting hardware required. The safe is not fireproof or waterproof, but it is a good safe for storing valuables or your handguns in case you want to keep them away from curious fingers.

Key Features

  • Programmable electronic keypad
  • Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Construction
    • 8 gauge door
    • 14 gauge body
  • Pry resistant concealed hinges
  • 2 Live Action Door Bolts
  • Interior dimensions: 13.6 x 10.6 x 16.4 inches
  • Exterior dimension: 13.8 x 13 x 16.5 inches
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes with hardware included
  • Amazon Basics 1-Year Warranty


Because this safe is only made of 14 gauge steel, it’s not as durable as some that are more expensive. That isn’t to say that it will Dent if you drop it, but it definitely doesn’t feel as solid as higher-end safes. Additionally, because it safe only weighs 40 pounds, you can literally pick it up and move it unless it is bolted down. Because you can pick it up and move it, it’s fairly easy to shake which can cause the contents inside to Rattle and possibly be damaged.


As we mentioned before, the light weight of this safe means that it can be easily moved. However, the stability is enhanced when you use the included mounting hardware to wall mount or floor mount.

Construction and Design

The safe is well-designed. It has concealed hinges, which means that. You can’t Brute Force the door open. Additionally because the door itself is recessed, it’s difficult to get a pry bar In between the door and the body of the safe. There are two live door bolts that provide the primary locking mechanism.

The included Shelf only has one position, but it can be removed which is a nice feature. The Shelf itself is not padded Oh, but that just Falls in line with the rest of the Aesthetics of this safe.

The complete lack of padding on the inside of the safe is definitely a drawback. This is especially true if you are storing a handgun and you’re concerned about scratching the finish. However, a $3 section of carpet that is hot glued to the floor will provide adequate protection. If you want additional protection, then high-quality egg carton foam can be adhered to all sides of the safe.

That isn’t to say that this safe is difficult to break into. If you are looking to protect thousands of dollars, you should probably look for a more durable safe. However, as a safe that will defeat. Curious visitors and keep unwanted hands off of your hand guns, this is an excellent purchase.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is constructed of two solid steel live door bolts. It is locked with a programmable electronic keypad. The operation is very easy; you simply enter the pass-code and then pull on the handle to open the safe door. Once the correct pass Code is entered, the live door bolts will automatically retract. In case the batteries run out or you forget your key code. There is a semi hidden Keyhole. From there you can use the physical keys to directly open the safe.


  • Inexpensive
  • Predrilled holes for securing safe to floor
  • Digital locking system
  • Pry resistant hinges


  • Cannot store long guns
  • 14 gauge steel body is a little thin
  • Not fireproof or waterproof

Final Thoughts

This is a great basic safe for someone who needs something that provides quick access, but they aren’t really trying to defend against thieves. It provides excellent basic protection for replaceable documents and even a handgun. The keypad is extremely easy to use and the buttons offer Pleasing resistance and great tactile feedback. The action of the key is easy to use and opening the safe is easy. It is also exceptionally quick to open compared to some higher-end models.

However, by no means is this ultra-secure safe that will defeat even a moderately determined burglar. As long as you understand the limitations of the safe, and you are willing to live with them, this is a great economical purchase and one that will make certain people extremely happy.

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