6 Best Car Gun Safe: Guide & Review

Have you ever thought about keeping a gun in your car? As you know, you’re required by law in many states, to lock-up your firearm. It’s not enough to lock it up at home. You are also required to lock-up your gun if you intent to store it inside your car. If you don’t lock it up in your car, you are putting yourself, and everyone else at risk. Wounds and deaths caused by accidental shots (mostly by kids and teenagers) are more and more common. Furthermore, thefts involving guns are increasing every day. It’s common to keep a gun underneath the seat, and many prefer to lock-up their guns in the back of the car. I’m going to go through the benefits of securely storing your gun underneath the seat and the benefits of storing it in the back of the car. Below, I have compiled a list of the very products on the market, and I hope that these will be the last and best car gun safe reviews that you will need before you invest in one for yourself, and I’m certain that you will be able to invest in a safe that perfectly fits your style and needs.

6 Top Car Gun Safes

Sentry Safe Quick Access

This is one of the highly-rated car gun safes from the well-respected SentrySafe, and the Sentry team have establish them self as a quality gun safe manufacturers, delivering only top-rated products over the table. This simple, but effective gun safe features one key entry. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll never run out of batteries in emergency situations. You will be able to store two small pistols (or 1 pistol and ammos).  It will be able to store 2 handguns or 1 handgun with one magazine. It includes 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

This safe is ideal for anyone looking to store his or her gun in the car. The good thing about this safe is that you’ll be able to use the safe both inside and outside of your vehicle. It features various security functions such as added security for all hinges and the door making it close to impossible to crack through. The interior includes soft foam that will keep your gun from damage. This is one of the few car gun safes that are fully tested and certified by CDoJ. You need to have in mind that this is not a Keyless entry safe. You should keep an extra copy of a key, so there is no chance you lose access to your safe.  Another factor to be aware of is that if you are going to store 2 weapons inside the unit, you won’t be able to store any ammo.

The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe

The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun SafeThe third item on our list is the highly favored GunBox that has been receiving fantastic reviews since launched. Here we have a biometric gun safe that will fit most handguns. This gun safe is extremely versatile and is not only ideal for your car, but if you are looking for a compact unit to have next to your nightstand. It is packed with security features, and if you prefer to keep it in your vehicle, you can invest in a special adapter that allows you to bolt it down in your car.

What this adapter does is to enable you to charge the safe using the cars’ outlet. That way, you won’t have to be aware of  any batteries, or to think about changing them like you would have to if you had a fingermark identification product.  The GunBox production team has taken the car gun safe idea to completely new level by introducing a new technology that allows you to gain access to the safe in different ways. Using your finger-print, but also by using RFID. If you desperately need to access the safe in emergency, you can use either of these items to gain access to quickly and effectively.  It fits perfectly under the seat, thanks to the compact design. If you are looking for a slim and stylish looking gun safe for your car, that has been highly praised by current owners, then this might be your number one choice.

Gunvault MV500-STD

Gunvault MV500-STD
Here we have another brilliantly designed micro vault from GunVault. This is perfect for those who are on a tight budget and looking for a compact gun safe to store their handgun. As the name suggests (microvault), you won’t get the same security features as you would by investing in a biometric unit. If you are willing to sacrifice a certain amount of quality to get a portable gun safe for less than $100, then take a further look at this model. Despite its low price, you still get a gun safe with plenty of security features. For example, there are 12 million ways you can program the safe to gain access to. This alone makes this unit an exceptionally wise decision for your hard earned money if you’re looking for ways to get a product that is both highly effective in terms of size, inexpensive and won’t break your bank, and at last, a unit that will provide you with something  that does not feature manual lock access.

This is one of the cheapest safes you can get, and if you don’t mind investing in a safe without all the bells and whistles, then this could be your first purchase until you can afford to step-up your game. The GunVault Company is a reputable manufacturer that stands by their products 100%, and they have a long history of selling only quality products, and they will offer you a whopping 5 year warranty! You simply can’t go wrong there!

Universal Console Vault safe 1007

Universal Console Vault safe 1007Although Console Vault is known for a good reputation for of generating customized gun safes, that are designed to fit in-to targeted vehicle brands, this is certainly an example of one of their universal solutions.  Here we have a safe that will provide you with outstanding essential gun safety using a low-profile box. Therefore, it’s the perfect option for those firearm holders who prefer liberty during their travel.

It is constructed from high-quality 12 gauge steel and features a brilliant drill resistant barrel key lock and a 3 pins locking system, makes it close to impossible to crack open, even for a highly skilled burglar! It’s not only compact and lightweight but also features a so called CLOAK option. What the cloak option does is that you can disguise the safe as a drink holder and storage tray. That way, you will be able to add an additional level of security to the safe.

Keep in mind that this is a compact designed safe and you will not have space for big handguns inside. Moreover, current owners would have liked to see pre-drilled mounting holes to bolt it down securely but overall, this is a great low-profile design car gun safe with sturdy 12 gauge steel construction that does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Hornady Alpha Elite Lockbox for Guns or Valuables

This child resistant security lockbox from Hornady is an amazing way to keep your handgun stowed safely in your car. Access to the lockbox is done through a barrel key with the keyhole in the top of the lock box. Placing it here instead of on the front is a small attention to detail that can make all the difference when seconds count. The lockbox opens up fully and can lie flat, which means you won’t be fighting to access the contents when you need them. The exterior of the box is constructed of full 16-gauge steel, with each half of the clamshell opening being cast in a single piece. The keyhole is recessed and there is a raised section on the interior to make the lockbox resistant to pry bars.

The exterior of the lockbox measures 10.25” x 8” x 2.75, and the interior is 9.75” x 7.5” x 2.25”. This is large enough to comfortably fit a full-size handgun such as a Glock 17 with a single magazine ejected. It will also comfortably fit a 4” Ruger revolver with multiple speed loaders as well. The top and bottom of the case are lined with premium eggshell foam to prevent the contents from bouncing around and being heavily jostled. As an additional security measure, a 3-foot security cable is included which you can easily wrap around your car’s seat frame and secure with a quality padlock. The cable is rated for a 1500-pound stress, so you can trust that it’s not going anywhere.

Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe

Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun SafeNext on the list is the top-rated FortKnow Safe. This is a magnificent handgun safe and 100% USA production. All of Fort Knox´s hand gun safes are only quality thick steel door that measures 3/16″ thick and 10 gauge steel body structure. This is actually much thicker steel than you will find in many of the full sized home gun safe products. Due to its quality structure and thickness of the steel, this gun safe weighs around 22 pounds.   Moreover, this one includes 4 pre-drilled mounting holes, foamed interior and an industry-leading lifetime warranty!

It measures 12.5″x10.2″x4.5.  It’s quite spacious, compared to other items listed here and you’ll have enough room for two large handguns or one gun and ammo.  It contains a simple mechanical lock, and the locking system is extremely simple to use. This weather resistant unit is equipped with 1081 user combinations.  It has gas struts to hold the door open. You won’t find many negative reviews of the Fort Know safe. This is a solid, highly favored gun safe that gun owners simply love. It includes more security features than any other car gun safe  and is built with top-quality in mind.

Car Gun Safe Buying Guide

Theft Consequences

Think about it, if you keep a gun anywhere in your car and somebody breaks into the car and steals your firearm. It could have serious consequences, and it could change your life forever if that person goes on to wound or kill somebody. Most definitely, you could face some jail time, even though you were nowhere near the crime scene.  Avoid this situation and keep your firearm safely stored in a quality gun safe where you are the only one who can access the gun.

Choosing the right gun safe

It goes without saying that any car gun safe will not provide the same safety features as the big and heavy gun safes that are designed for home use. They are indeed much more vulnerable, due to their compact size and steel thickness. The reality is, even the most expensive and thickest gun safe you can get your hands on for your car can be cracked open if the burglar has the intention of accessing the safe. The safe will crack-open eventually after continued forced entries using the right tools (crowbar or hammer). To increase the security, it’s recommended that you opt-in for a unit that is constructed with at least 16GA steel or higher. If you do so, it will be harder for any thief to pry-it open.

Locking mechanism

You can choose from variety of different lock features depending on what model you end up buying. These locking mechanisms include everything from a push button, digital entry, mechanical dial finger-print scanner. If your number one priority is reliability and security, then you should consider a mechanical locking system. However, if you are looking for a quick access, you should opt-in for an electronic lock safe. However, you should take into account that electronic lock safes are more vulnerable for attacks.


Size matters! It all depends on the size of your gun, and therefore, you need to be certain that your firearm fits into the safe you want to buy. Having said that, it’s obvious that if you happen to own a bulky magnum revolver, you need to invest in a safe that has sufficient storage space to safely store your gun. It’s important to mention that if you own a big firearm, and you are looking for a gun safe for the car, you need to realize that the bigger the safe, the harder it will get to find a proper place for it. Moreover, you should also think about the inner surface  that your car or truck provides, while you make your decision. Bear in mind, in the event that you do not (or cannot) store it in a practical location in your car (under the seat or close to your dashboard) it will take you considerable more time to access your weapon in emergency.

Mounting options

There are two ways you can mount your car gun safe down, with a security cable or pre-drilled holes.  Majority of gun safe has ether one of these options (or both)

– Using a Security cable

Using a cable for security is extremely straightforward to set up and it will provide you with options in terms of where you want to position the gun safe. However, it’s not as effective and secure as bolting it down. Therefore, if you end up with a cable, be certain that you opt-in for a thick and quality built cable.

– Pre-Drilled holes

This option can turn out pretty time consuming and difficult and does not offer the same liberty on where to position the safe, as with the security cable option. Despite being a bit trickier solution, this method provides much more security than a cable will ever offer. It will be much easier to cut through cable or wire and run away rather than having to deal with securely bolted steel bolts.


Obviously, car gun safes don’t offer the same level of security as the major league full-sized gun safes. Therefore, many of the gun safe companies do not offer the same warranty for car safes and you will most likely receive a 1-year warranty or in some cases with cheaper safes, no warranty at all.  Nevertheless, what seems to be the standard today is the 1-year warranty, and if the company does not offer any warranty at all, then please skip that option and look for a minimum 1-year warranty.

Final Thoughts

I sincerely hope that right now you will be able to decide which gun safe is the best gun safe for your vehicle. You should always try to become a responsible gun owner. If you want to change the world, be the change! Same goes with gun handling, the first step in becoming a responsible gun owner is to take the decision and become one. Be certain that you always practice proper firearm safety.

It’ll take some time for a unauthorized person to crack the safe open, but it is less likely that a thief would walk away with a gun safe just to discover what might be hidden inside the safe.  Having said that, your gun (and other valuables) are much safer in a gun safe while you’re traveling. The three main reasons are, 1. Your gun is out of sight to burglars. 2. Children won’t be able to handle a loaded weapon. 3.  If you don’t store your gun in a safe inside your car and someone breaks into your car, uses your gun to hurt somebody, you will be facing some serious legal actions.

The majority of buyers choose to invest in mechanical dials mainly because they’re extremely straightforward and easy to access. On the other hand, most electric locks will give you much quicker access to your belongings. The bottom line is that you do your own research, make an informed decision, so you will be sure to end up with a car gun safe that will perfectly fit your demands and style of life.

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