Popular Gun Safe Under 1000 Dollars

This is your last stop if you are searching for a gun safe under 1000 dollars. If you have already set your goal and budget, then now it is time look over your options and search for something that suits your needs and requirements. It is not really hard to find a high end gun safe at this price range, because quality comes with a price.

However, the problem finding a suitable model is that there are so many gun safes under the thousand dollar mark on the market, that it can turn out to be quite tricky to select the best one for your needs. Having said that, read the article below, and see if you can spot your number one pick. You’ll have every information you need, and you will be able to perfectly understand what you can expect from a 1000 dollar model.

Best Gun Safe under $1000

Mesa Safe MBF5922E Gun Safe

Mesa Safe Company MBF5922EOur first pick is an easy pick, and this is the brilliant MBF5922E from Mesa Safe Company. This safe is extremely sturdy and reliable and features all the security bells and whistles that you can expect from a top-rated model. The housing consists of strong 12 gauge steel construction, along with 11 gauge steel door. It comes with a durable 4-way lock mechanism, along with twelve heavy-duty 1.5-inch secure locking bolts.

This unit also features an electronic lock system and a pry-resistant hard plate to improve the safety even further. This 3/16 inch thick steel plate ensures that it will be almost impossible to tamper with the lock system. For added safety, there is also a re-locker that kicks in if anyone intends to interfere with the electronic lock.

Although this quality gun safe is designed to resist punch, drill and pry attacks, it is also built to protect your belongings from fire exposure for up to 1 hour at 1750 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it was also tested to hold up against 3 story drop. This is one of the best brands in under $1000 category, and the whole construction has quality written all over it. Also, once you open the safe, you will see that the interior is beautifully padded with a rug to ensure that your weapons and other items are safe from scratches.

You can store up to 14 long guns inside, and you can customize the storage space according to your needs by adjusting the removable shelves. There is also an outlet strip that features 2 USB ports and 3 electrical sockets for added convenience. The outlet is an excellent solution if you need a light or dehumidifier inside the safe.  What’s more, this safe comes out-of-the-box with 4 pre-drilled holes, if you prefer to mount the safe to the wall or the floor for added security.

Overall, it doesn’t get much better than 12 gauge steel body, with an 11-gauge steel door and an electronic lock with 4-way locking system and 12 durable steel bolts. To maximize the protection, there is a re-locker and a pry-resistant steel plate to ensure that your belongings remain safe. This is an excellent solution for anyone who is looking for an industry-leading gun safe that offers protection on a level that is hard to beat.

Vaultek MX High Capacity Smart Handgun Safe

The new Vaultek smart handgun safe brings 21st century technology to classic handgun protection. On the low-tech side, this safe offers a fully modular interior with dimensions of 13 x 11 x 8.6 inches. The bottom of the gun safe has room to hold up to eight full-size handguns, while the top shelf will hold magazines or other accessories. The safety features multiple Anti-theft protective devices including anti pry reinforcement bars, dual anti impact latches, and interior mounted hinges.

Access to the shape can be accomplished in one of 4 different ways. First you can use a biometric fingerprint scanner that can store up to 20 unique fingerprint IDs. There is a four button keypad with a built-in proximity sensor that activates a backlight. There are also physical keys that will unlock through a concealed key slot. And finally you can use the included smart key that allows for a single press discrete operation. When activated, the front door automatically opens.

The electronic features are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that charges in 3.5 hours and provides power for months. Additionally, you can use the new Vaultek app to receive information on when the safe is open or closed, power levels, internal temperature and humidity, and even when somebody is using the keypad or biometric sensor.

The safe itself is constructed of 14 gauge carbon steel with a 12-gauge front door. The entire safe is treated with a powder coat finish to resist corrosion. Exterior dimensions are 15 x 11.5 x 11.6 inches. As an added bonus, the safe also features a nonabsorbent foam twin pistol rack for safe storage of your handguns.

Steelwater AMSW592216-BLK Gun Safe

Steelwater AMSW592216-BLK Gun SafeHere is another Steelwater candidate and this one is the smaller variation of the great AMSW592818-blk. This model can store up to 16 long guns, compared to its big brother AMSW592818-blk that offers storage space for 20 long guns.  This safe is constructed of first-class steel and features a 12 gauge steel housing. One of its best security highlights is the thick steel plate that protects the lock mechanism. This drill- and pry-resistant plate, along with high-grade 1-inch steel locking bolts, ensure that no unauthorized individuals can access your items. As soon as someone tries to drill through, or tamper with the electronic lock, the re-lock system will be triggered, and the lock will immediately shut and remain locked.

This is one of the safest electronic locks in the industry and is not only heavily secured with relocking activation and a drill-resistant plate, but also it is EMP proof as well. What that means is that this safe was tested using U.S. military’s highest EMP impact standard during testing.

Therefore, it is basically impossible for an intruder to disable the electronic lock or damage it in a way that it will affect its functionality. On top of that, it consists of a digital keypad that you can program 3-8 different combination codes. In the unlikely event that the electronic lock stops working or you forget the digital access code, there is also a master key included, so you will never be locked out of your safe.

Overall, this is a world class 12-gauge steel constructed gun safe that features an industry-leading EMP Proof electronic lock with an unbreakable steel plate to protect the locking mechanism. The interior is fully carpeted and it includes 4 adjustable shelves to accommodate to your needs. On top of that, you will receive a lifetime warranty and 1 year warranty against defects from Steelwater.

New and Improved Steelwater Gun Safe with EMP Protected Electronic Lock SW592818

This new and improved heavy duty gun safe from Steelwater has room to store up to 20 long guns. The exterior dimensions are 59 x 28 x 18 inches and the interior dimensions are 55.75 X 25.25 X 14.625 inches. While you can store up to 20 long guns, the average recommended storage is 12 to 16. When empty, this safe weighs 453 pounds. This safe also features automatic interior LED lights to let you see the contents even in low-light conditions.

The safe has 10 1.5 interlocking bolts. There are three. Deadlock bolts on the hinge side with five live action bolts on the main door side and 1 Bolt on top and one on bottom. Additionally, these bolts are activated by a Gear Drive linkage system, which is better at protecting against burglary attacks than a standard cam Drive. The entire safe is constructed of 12 gauge steel with the door made of a 4.75 inch composite Construction. The safe also features 16 minute fire protection with exterior temperatures up to 1875 degrees Fahrenheit.

Access to the safe is provided via an EMP protected digital lock. In case you ever forget your key code, you can also use a high security bypass key. If the safe ever undergoes a burglary attack, a large hard

plate protects not only the lock but also the relockers, Gear Drive, and linkages. The relockers ensure that all of the folks remain engaged even if the safe is punched out. Steelwater provides a lifetime replacement guarantee to the original owner of the safe if there is ever a fire or burglary with zero product cost.

Blue Dot Fire-Resistant Gun Safe

Blue Dot Fire-Resistant Gun SafeHere is a gun safe slightly above the 1000 dollar mark, but a well worthy candidate as a top-rated pick in our countdown. You can store up to 30 long guns in this safe. Moreover, there are 8 pockets behind the door that you can use to store your pistols as well. On top of that, there are five pockets, below the 8 handgun pockets, to store ammo or other smaller items.

The interior is neatly organized with carpet that protects your items from scratches. Apart from the pockets behind the steel door, there are long shelves that you can store pistols, ammo and other valuable items. You can also adjust the storage space to suit your needs by customizing the 4 removable shelves.  The Blue-Dot safe is fireproof and can withstand fire exposure up to 1 hour at 1700F.

This safe is constructed from 12 gauge steel and has a built-in, pry-resistant plate that is designed to protect the electronic lock. On top of that, there is a spring-loaded re-locking mechanism that gets triggered as soon as somebody tries to pry, punch or drill-attack the lock. It features a 4-way locking system with 9 heavy duty locking bolts.

Overall, this is one of the top units that you can get your hands on at this price range and most definitely an investment for the future. It is packed with all the glitz and glamor that you can think of in a gun safe. To make this a hassle free transaction, Blue-Dot offers a one year warranty against defects.

Things to Consider

As with everything in life, the golden rule is that you get what you pay for. Therefore, if we compare a cheap-end gun safe below the 200 dollar mark, and a unit that cost close to $1000, then in a perfect world, the high-end gun safe will offer more security features and protection.

You can be sure that at this price range, the security features significantly improve. Furthermore, the thickness of the steel increases and you can expect an 11-14 gauge steel construction from a more expensive unit. Additionally, all the top units listed in this article feature the brilliant re-lock technology, along with a pry-resistant steel plate to protect the lock mechanism.

What to Expect?

As we mentioned earlier, gun safe under 1000 dollar will most likely include 11-14 gauge steel, along with a re-locker and the steel plate that we mentioned above. These are all extremely important security features and go a long way to protect your valuable items against theft and intruders. However, you should be aware that there is no safe in the market today that can guarantee 100% protection. Even though you invested in a million dollar vault, the safe can still be cracked open with the right tools and if the determination is there. Having said that, you can minimize the risk by investing in a gun safe with 10-14 gauge steel construction.

Additional Points

Below, are few things that you should take into account before you make your final buying decision. First of all, you need to understand your needs and figure out if your desired gun safe matches your demands. It is crucial that the gun safe that you have narrowed down on your list, suits your needs.  For instance, in case you are looking for a gun safe to protect your weapons and other items from a burglary, you should opt for minimum 12 gauge steel. On the other hand, if you want to lock up your items away from children, then steel thickness is not that important.

If you are looking for gun safes in the 1000 dollar range, then it is probably because you own long guns that you need to store. Therefore, it is important for you to consider the size of the safe. However, a long gun is not just a long gun because there are many different factors that determine if a gun can be categorized as a long gun. For that reason, you could run into some storage issues once you start to rack up your weapons, which mean that you must measure your guns and compare it to the height of your desired gun safe.

Do not end up like many first-time gun safe buyers that end up complaining about the storage and not being able to rack up their large guns inside the safe they just bought. To avoid this, all that it takes is just a simple research, and you should be all set.

Again, make sure you know the measurements of the gun safe you want to buy and make sure that you measure your long guns as well. Then go ahead and compare your results to the storage capacity of the gun safe to ensure that you end up with a safe that fits your demands.

Quick and Reliable Access

Quick and reliable access is something that many customers overlook when they are looking for the perfect gun safe unit. The most important factor here to consider is access and reliability at the same time. You need quick access to your weapons in an emergency situation, and you also need a reliable access at the same time.

If you want quick access, you should consider investing in a gun safe that comes with an electronic lock. Many gun safes on the market offer dual access, in other words, a combination of electronic lock and a combination lock. These dual lock safes are extremely reliable but might take few seconds longer to access but offer the same level of protection.


Needless to say, if you set your budget tight, it will be harder for you to find a quality gun safe that includes everything that you expect from a gun safe. Ending up with the best unit, that matches all your demands should not be a hard task, as long as you do your homework properly. After reading the information above, you should be well on your way to obtain your best suitable match. This article is aimed at those who are looking for the best option for under 1000 bucks.

Any of the models above can fit different needs and different demands. Therefore you can be assured that all of them will deliver maximum protection and are built with quality and security in mind. The final decision is up to you, and now you have all the tools to make an informed decision and pick a gun safe that will follow you for many years to come.

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