ShotLock 200M Handgun Solo-Vault Mechanical Review

ShotLock is a safe manufacturer that identifies the needs of the people who’re looking for a design that they can rely on to safely secure a shotgun or firearm in their home for whenever they need it. The idea to store firearms in a way that it gives security, as well as quick access, is ShotLock´s top priority.

Once ShotLock focused on requirements, development, and design. After thorough research, ShotLock came up with the 200M security storage that combines high-quality construction, elegant design and advanced security features. That way, you can rely on unique but simple design that comes all together at an amazingly competitive price point along with other great features.

Seeing that the demand for their Solo-Vault series had an audience that not only caters to the shotgun community, ShotLock discovered that its design was top-notch, so they developed the Solo-Vault that as a perfect solution for small concealable full-sized handguns. ShotLock is focused on its passion for the firearm community, home safety, and the idea that great security can give anybody a peace of mind at home.

The ShotLock Solo-Vault gun safe gives you a sense of security by keeping all of your handguns and shotguns out of reach, safe from children and located nearby in case you need a gun for an emergency.

Key Features

  • Can secure a 1911 full-size handgun
  • Military grade 14-gauge steel frame with interior locking points on both sides
  • Lock clutch system
  • Can be mounted on any flat surface
  • About1500, four-digit combinations
  • Inner dimensions: 9.0 x 7.0 x 2.2 inches
  • Outer dimensions: 11.4 x 8.0 x 3.6 inches (height can be increased to 4 inches with plate)
  • Mechanical lock
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • Cable thread holes for an extra mounting option
  • Easy mounting on a wall, under a desk or in your vehicle
  • Large internal room space for storing magazines and ammunition
  • No batteries needed
  • Spring-assisted drawer opening
  • Override key
  • Reversible door that opens in any direction
  • Comes with a mounting bracket that lets you mount both the top and bottom
  • Handle to carry the Solo-Vault while traveling
  • Patent pending


The Solo-Vault 200M stands out because it isn’t designed to be fixed between the studs on your walls or concealed in your cupboard. In fact, the vault is made to be mounted in an easily accessible area so that it can effectively be a portable safe. There are six screws included that you can use to bolt the safe to the surface of your nightstand, beneath your desk, on the inside of the closet door or even mount it inside your vehicle.

Now you can securely keep your handgun safe in every room of the house or garage. Provided with the safe is a solid retractable carrying handle, which is a great feature that adds to the portability aspect of the whole safe.

You can even secure your firearms and other possessions in the safe while in a truck. Moreover,if you are traveling to any “gun free” areas or undertaking a hike where you have to leave the gun in your car. The Solo Vault 200M has some portholes included, which can be used to fix your safe to any stable surface using sturdy 5/16-inch cables.

For additional security, you have regular cable gun locks, and a full-sized padlock over the portholes to secure it with a sturdier coated wire rope. A great use for the Solo-Vault is the ability to transfer your weapons onto different flights. You should know that if you’re considering this safe to store your handgun in it on a flight, make sure to check with the airline beforehand since regulations tend to differ from one airline to the other.


Right off the bat, the Solo-Vault 200M manages to impress many people with its sturdy and solid construction and finish. It is constructed from military grade 14-gauge steel material, features reversible left and right opening doors, as well as a flanged secure lid with locking hooks on both sides. While the company doesn’t allow clients to conduct their own destructive testing, the manufacturer and other regulator tests prove that the safe is coherent with basic safety standards and regulations.

The interior measures 9.0 x 7.0 x 2.2 inches that allow you to store and accommodate even a full size framed 1911 shotgun.  If you’re not a shotgun person, handguns like a Glock 23 and S&W “J” Frame can also be easily placed and stored in the safe along with some additional magazines and a small number of speed strips.

The only few complaints that people have with the ShotLock Solo-Vault is that the safe’s key lock mechanismmay loosen up. However, there is a way around this by simply taking the lock cover off while changing your lock combo and use three fastening screws to fix the loose key mechanism properly.

Another drawback of the safe is that the lid, even though it is secure when locked, does not close properly all the time. You can use a foam strip inside the safe to avoid any noise while driving around with it the vault in your car and to get a more secure setup.


Different from the electric option of the Solo-Vault by ShotLock, the 200M Handgun Vault is only mechanical in operation with EMP proofing. The great benefit is that you don’t have to worry about any batteries or wires to control it.  With that being said, the keypad gives you a clicking sound when a key is used, so you don’t get any other visual or audio feedback when using the safe.

For safety reasons, remember to always pick your combination code carefully and once you have familiarized yourself with the unlocking procedure, you will be able to access your firearm in no time at all. The unlocking process involves pushing the pad keys and twisting the open/close handle to around 45 degrees. Modifying your combination is simple enough if you follow the instructions provided.

You should know that taking off the lock cover when you’re changing the combination involves a little bit of effort when prying the cover off since it does not just slide off. This keeps in line with the ShotLock design that prioritizes safety over ease of use. The safe comes with a set of three keys that you can use to lock the safe. You just turn the key 90 degrees and twist the open/close handle.

Some users don’t like using the key since it somehow reduces the security level because once unauthorized persons find the key, it provides direct access to all your valuables.  However, while that may be true, many people actually prefer a key backup, especially seniors and elders who aren’t as tech-savvy and prefer using a key. Have in mind that if you are planning to pack your vault in your carry-on baggage while traveling, you will need to have a key with you for TSA inspection.


  • Excellent for military-grade handguns
  • Durable 14-gauge steel construction and added security with a flanged, no-pry lid
  • Ample space for two small guns and additional magazines
  • Does not require batteries
  • The door of the safe can open from both sides
  • Very compact and can easily fit under vehicle seats


  • There is no mechanical cable included to secure the vault. However, you can hire a professional to install it for you.

Final Thoughts

The ShotLock products put your home security right where you require it.  The way you store your handgun when you’re not there to keep it safe can be a huge problem. Therefore, you have to manage a balance between keeping your weapon out of reach from the wrong people while keeping it easily accessible when required.

The ShotLock200E is one of the finest portable gun safes on the market today. It is manufactured to protect a single pistol or handgun along with ammunition and smaller valuables. Their simple design allows for swift and secure access when you require it the most. Additionally, it provides a safety net from burglary, and perhaps most imperatively, a family safety.

Although a biometric may give faster access to your gun, a full-size safe may give better security. However, the 200M Series lock features a unique eight button, programmable, and all-mechanical lock with more than 1,500 4-digit combinations to choose from. Apart from that, you will get a master key for quick access in emergency where you may have forgotten the combination code.

In conclusion, the Mechanical Handgun Solo-Vault 200M is a high quality safe that provides both versatility and good security with quick access at a very affordable price. For most gun enthusiasts, this is a good investment that offers both security and peace of mind.

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