Sports Afield Gun Safe Review

As a gun enthusiast, you’ve probably come across the Sports Afield name plenty of times. Sports Afield has been a major contributor to the outdoor community for about 125 years. Their first Sports Afield magazine was introduced back in 1889, and since then the brand name has stood the test of time. The company prioritizes product quality and reliability by providing its customers with one of the top warranties in the safe industry.

The Sports Afield Gun Safe SA7240 is part of the company’s Standard Safe Series. All the safes offer sturdiness and style in various sizes to accommodate gun-owners with different-sized firearm collections. With regards to various size options, there are models for gun collections of all sizes in the series.

The safes are usually 60 inches in height, with variable width and thickness, depending on how many guns need to be accommodated. They give a strong and reliable design while still managing to look stylish. The black finish allows them to fit in just about everywhere, so you can put them anywhere in your house. That said, you won’t be getting these products just for their looks. The Sports Afield Gun Safe is one the biggest models, going up to 739 pounds in weight. It is definitely one of the toughest safes I’d recommend for the home.

Key Features

  • An electronic programmable lock system
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Fire-resistant structure
  • Steel doors
  • Variable sizes
  • Fire rating of 40 min at 1200 degrees F
  • Cal DOJ Standard door organization
  • Power outlet with USB ports
  • 72 x 40 x 25-inch outer dimensions
  • 67 CFT external capacity
  • 739 pounds
  • (60 + 8) gun capacity
  • 14-gauge steel walls
  • Theft alert audio alarm
  • Black color

Customizable Storage

The interior of the safe comes with adjustable shelves that give you the option to personalize the inside just the way you want it. You can adjust the shelves to keep your guns, ammo, and other possessions. In addition to that, the door interior provides additional storage choices. The safe’s pouches are easily accessible for handguns, while the zippered pouches can hold any other extra items. Although the safe is said to hold 8 handguns and a minimum of 40 long-barreled guns, some users claim that the number of long-barreled guns that can be held is up to 25 or 30.


One thing that the Sports Afield brand takes pride in is its quality of the construction. The Sports Afield Gun Safe is made using 14-gauge steel. While it isn’t the thickest safe you can find in the market, in terms of home safety, it does its job well enough. The safe makes up for the reduced thickness by coming at a more feasible price point than most other heavier safes.

The safe is also provided with 12 tough bolts that are designed using 1.25-inch steel. The door is recessed, which makes it next to impossible for burglars or robbers to even try opening the safe.


Most gun owners aren’t looking for the prettiest safe when considering one for storing their guns since the crucial part of any safe is its strength and security. While other features like locking, fireproofing, storage and space all matter immensely, it is imperative for your safety to blend in with the home, so you can enjoy a subtle aesthetic with your safe. You might just want a safe, which looks good and awes guests by being a major centerpiece in your house.

Using this Gun Safe, you will thoroughly enjoy the attractive design that makes it incredibly easy on the eye. It manages to look strong and reliable without compromising on style and aesthetic. Its black finish makes it perfectly compatible with any house interior or style, and you can benefit from the nighttime camouflage that comes with it. Any burglars, thieves, robbers or intruders that happen to come across your safe will definitely have a hard time considering how to break the safe when seeing its big, robust and complex style. This makes it a great deterrent for any future mishaps that you’d usually face with safes that are more in people’s faces.

Lock Mechanism

One of the most crucial features of any safe is its lock mechanism that handles the opening and secure closing for protection of your guns and valuables. You need a safe that is tough enough to keep out unwanted individuals while still making it easy for you to open the safe without any problems or delays. Numerous times, safe lock mechanisms become the fine line between life and death in case of emergency situations. The great news with this regard is that the gun safe by Sports Afield makes use of illuminated electronic locks that are pretty easy to locate in the dark and then simple enough to open with a security code of your choice.

Various individuals choose to go with biometric scanners for their safes. That said, numbered keypads are just as effective without the added price tag, so you know you’re getting a cheaper safe with the same level of security. The safe code is completely programmable so that you can choose whichever sequence you think you can remember easily in case of any financial or safety emergency.

Also,a notable feature is that the keypad can additionally be set on silent mode in situations where you don’t want a beeping sound coming with every press of the button all the time. It comes as no surprise that the safe also comes with a backup key to make sure you never get locked out of your own safety. You can ideally keep this backup key safe in a secure location so that it can be found and used in emergency situations.


If you’re someone that’s a fan of a fireproof gun safe and have looked and researched fireproof safe models before, then you will already be aware of the fact that very few safes provide this protection. People commonly end up going for less affordable safes just to save few bucks but sacrifice on quality and end up with a safe that offers less security.

Conveniently, the Sports Afield is designed using seals for fire and smoke so that you can keep your valuables safe from heat or fire damage. The safe has an amazing fireproof rating of around about 40 minutes at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is crucial to know that even the most expensive gun safes usually do not provide much more than an hour of fireproof security. The advantage of getting a fireproof safe doesn’t just rely on keeping your guns safe from any damage. It essentially gives you the option of protecting your papers, jewelry, devices, money and even sentimental possessions against any fires or house accidents, so that you’re prepared for the worst situations.


When getting a huge gun safe like the Sports Afield’s one, it is significant to note that such big safes need a lot of care and attention. We know that the safe does not come cheap and so you expect it to have the longest lifespan. That’s why having a great warranty leaves you feeling relieved about the idea of your gun safe lasting for years without giving you any issues.

We’ve already discussed how Sports Afield provides one of the best warranties around. For example, the company provides each safe with of a detailed and easy lifetime warranty which essentially covers robberies, break-ins, floods and even damages by fire, so you can quickly get a replacement when needed. You also get a lifetime guarantee on parts, paint, and locks, along with a free locksmith option in case you manage to lock yourself out of your own safety.


  • Solid construction
  • Convenient customizable interior space
  • Great warranty
  • Fireproof
  • Secure E-lock mechanism
  • Great look
  • Value for money


  • There are safes that are designed using thicker steel
  • Lacks biometric scanners

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right gun safe comes down to your own personal preferences and requirements, whether it is for safety, durability, design or style. That said, the Sports Afield gun safe is definitely a sturdy and dependable choice. It is secure against prying, so you know the average person won’t be able to reach your valuable belongings.

While this model does come with a more expensive price tag, it makes up for it by providing you with storage space for a large gun collection, as well as protection against fires, floods, and burglaries. The price really isn’t an issue when considering the safety of your children at home.

While this is a safe I’d recommend for most gun enthusiasts, I do realize that such models aren’t always right for everyone. Even so, the flexibility and high quality of this particular gun safe still makes it a simple choice for the overall gun lovers and outdoor community in general. This is the type of safe that you can purchase with surety while looking forward to a long life of security and safety.

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