Stack-On PWS-15522 Review

The Stack-On is a renowned company in the world of security products. For the last four decades, it has been providing the best security solutions and the best customer services. With the wide range of secure storage products, Stack-Onfulfills all your needs.

Stack-Onhas been gaining immense popularity mainly because of the durability of their products. Not only that, its products are extremely reasonable for the premium quality features.

The Stack-on PWS 15522 is a basic wall safe that is large enough to keep few of your documents, money and small electronics safe. Moreover, it is extremely easy to mount the safe anywhere in the house.

Some of the key features of this safe are:

Key Features

  • External dimensions are 20.5 inches by 13.75 inches by 3.75 inches
  • Can accommodate more than two handguns
  • Durable steel construction
  • An electronic keypad lock that supports three to eight-digit combinations
  • Comes with two shelves that are removable
  • Installation tools included
  • Has steel bolts for locking
  • It comes in black color
  • Uses AA batteries
  • Has a low battery indicator and a separate key in case battery goes out

Construction and Security

Like all the Stack-On safes, this unit is made from solid steel that is both rust-resistant and heat resistant. For extra safety and security,there are additional solid steel locking plates to maximize security. Furthermore, the safe is designed to be pry resistant so that it will be extremely hard to access the safe if you don’t have the password.

The hinges of the safe are inside the safe, which means they are not visible. This makes breaking into the safe almost impossible. Moreover, it embraces solid steel bolts that are associated with the user programmable lock mechanism; this lock mechanism includes a safety override.

The electronic lock incorporated in the safe has a digital interface which makes the usage quite convenient as adding the password and programming becomes easy with a digital screen. The electronic lock uses AA batteries for the digital screen. In case the batteries run out, there is a keyhole that can be used to access the safe.

The electronic system is not tedious or noisy which allows you to change the settings fast and quietly in case of an emergency. The safe is made of solid material which makes it quite heavy and therefore, carrying it will be an extremely difficult task for any thief.

For better security, upon entering the wrong code more than three times the safe gives a warning and locks out for 20 minutes. If the same wrong code is entered the fourth time, a lockout of five minutes is initiated.

Installation and Usage

It goes without saying that if it is complicated to install and access the safe, it may not appeal to many people. Imagine having a safe that is difficult to program and difficult to use in terms of putting in the password or changing the password. Therefore, once you face a real emergency, a hard to open safe can cause some serious damage. However, with the Stack-On PWS 15522, this is not the case. Convenience and comfort, along with safety and security are maximized in the PWS 15522.

It comes with a complete hardware set for installation of the safe. The installation is a very easy process with no drilling or hammering required. This way, neither you wall is damaged nor the safe is damaged, but this does not mean you don’t need a separate niche in wall to install the safe properly. Once the niche is made, all you need is to screw the safe in place. It is a smooth and easy process if you already have a niche created, then the installation process does not take long at all.

Not only installing the safe is necessary but concealment is also an important part of the installation process. The safe is very easy to conceal if the niche in the wall is according to the measurements. Placing it behind a painting or a picture can conceal it perfectly without making anyone suspicious of the safe.

In addition to that, it is extremely easy to open and close the safe, so you will lose no time at all fighting to access your weapon in emergencies. The electronic lock is very easily programmable and customizable. It gives you the freedom of choosing any combination password you want. For organization and ease of use, it comes with two removable shelves that are padded. These padded shelves make sure your valuables, like guns and electronics, are kept safe. Apart from this, a separate document folder is added to the complete package. This document holder is excellent to store your receipts, passport, money,and other valuable documents.

Additionally, the safe comes with key racks and holders for keeping your keys and other valuables organized, a feature that is not found in many safes.


Evidently, we all want a trustable solution to safely store our weapons and other valuable items and protect them from fire,water,and theft. Therefore, fireproofing and tamper proofing is extremely important in any safe. A proper fireproofing can help you in protecting your stuff from damage.

This safe is approved by the California-approved firearm safety as a tamper proofed device. Thus, the safe is considered to be tamper-proofed but have in mind that it does not have a UL rating for being fireproof. Therefore, this unit is considered partially fireproofed as it can easily withstand a temperature as high as 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for as long as thirty minutes, even without the UL rating.


Storage is a crucial part of any safe. No matter how high-quality and how convenient a safe is, if it does not have enough space to accommodate all your valuables it is of no use to you. Fortunately, this safe has plenty of storage space. It cannot accommodate rifles and long barrel firearms, but it can easily accommodate more than two hand-held guns along with your jewelry and other valuables.

Apart from putting your jewelry, ornaments, firearms and other valuables, it still has sufficient space to accommodate your money, passport,and other documents. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, it has removable shelves and key holders for better organization of your belongings.

Electronic Lock

The electronic lock included in the system is incorporated with a digital keypad and live action bolts that keep the electronic lock from getting hacked. It has programmable features and it can be connected directly to the solid steel bolts. In case of emergencies, this electronic lock has a special override system added to it to keep the valuables inside safe. The electronic lock requires two AA batteries to operate and the batteries should be changed every two months to prevent the inconvenience of flat batteries.

Moisture and Humidity

The Stack-on PWS 15522 is made from solid steel and is pry resistant. The safe is completely tampered safe, and it is close to impossible to hack the electronic lock. While wall safes provide robust safety, being easily veiled and hemmed in wall studs and they tend to become enormously vulnerable to moisture. Therefore, an excellent solution is to store valuables and papers inside Tupperware or zip lock bags. That way, it is highly unlikely that flood will destroy your paper valuables. There is always the risk of humidity that could lead to corrosion and mildew. However, the Stak-On PWS 15522 is designed to minimize any humidity or moisture damage.

Additionally, to absorb all the moisture, it is firmly recommended to use a Lockdown Silica Gel Can. Doing that would keep your precious belongings safe. It is a small, rechargeable unit that embraces a color indicator that let you know it is full and requires to be recharged.Therefore, after initial installation, you should open your safe frequently to check the silica gel and assess the moisture.


  • The material used for construction is heavy-duty steel
  • The construction is pry resistant
  • Extra storage solution
  • The bolts used are heavy-duty and durable
  • The electronic system is very easy to program and customize
  • It provides premium features at a very reasonable price
  • Easy to install
  • The electronic system is not very noisy


  • It does not feature a biometric system
  • The battery compartment is inside the safe
  • Cannot fit long barrel firearms


The bottom line is that you should always invest in a safe that caters all your needs, whether it is more space, more security or more convenience, a higher price tag does not necessarily mean that the product will be more comfortable and convenient to use.

This safe provides you the best possible features, which is why users are extremely happy with the Stack-On PWS 15522. The features and the construction quality of the safe are top-notch. However, if you are on the look-out for a biometric, you should look for an alternate model.

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