As gun safes are such an important product to make the right decision when buying, there are a huge amount of different varieties as well as features that needs your considerations. If you’ve never explored the industry in much detail before, you may not realise all the different sizes, functions and categories of gun safes which are out there.

In my ‘types’ section, I have looked to sort the best gun safes out by their specific subcategory. For instance, some gun safes are best for easy and fast access, some gun safes are designed to be fireproof to keep the contents safe should your home be subject to fires. Some gun safes are even portable for if you need to take your gun on any sort of trip with you.

There are other varieties too, these tend to be based on where they are kept and their size, for instance we have an article on the best in-wall gun safe which can explain models which can be wall mounted for convenience and space saving.

Types of Gun Safes

Fireproof Gun Safe: Complete Guide

Fireproof Gun Safe

It is extremely important that you investigate if your desired gun safe is fireproof or not. Although the description states fireproof, it does not mean that the gun safe can properly withstand fire exposure. Therefore, it is crucial that you check what kind of fire rating the gun safe includes because gun safe manufacturers can make up their own fireproof ratings. You can also find out if a gun safe is properly fire regulated by checking the steel thickness and overall construction because wall thickness and quality constructed gun safe will hold up against fire. To have an idea about steel thickness, you need to have in mind that the lower the gauge, the thicker the safe is. For this reason, a gun safe that features 6 gauge steel is thicker than 9 gauge steel constructed gun safe. Keeping that in mind, a gun safe with thick steel walls will resist much longer against fire than a thinner steel constructed gun safe.

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Best Large Gun Safe Reviews

Best Large Gun Safe

If you own a long rifle or a collection of long guns, you should consider investing in a large gun safe to store your weapons. These types of safe often include rack where you can store your rifles in order. Additionally, they range in size and come with different storage capacity to suit everyone’s needs. All of the top-rated large gun safes on the market are fireproof, and most of them are waterproof as well.  Therefore, a big gun safe offers excellent security for all your long guns and other valuable items that you need to protect. They are more expensive than the standard units, and it can be quite difficult to pick the one that matches your demands. That is why it is crucial that you pick the right size, along with the right style, which suits your storage requirements. Also, you should measure your guns to ensure that the safe is spacious enough to hold your long guns.

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Top 6 under Bed Gun Safe Reviews

Top 6 under Bed Gun

Under-the-bed-safe is an excellent storage solution for your guns if you are looking for a unit that you can hide. The reality is that it can be very hard to hide a gun safe in your room due to their bulky size and shape. However, a safe that you can quickly access under your bed will come in handy if there is an intruder in your house. All the first-class under-the-bed gun safes will provide secure, quick and easy access to your weapons when you need them. Most of them also feature a biometric fingerprint lock. That way you can gain access in seconds by scanning your fingerprint. There are no combinations or keys to deal with, so opening the safe will take just a few seconds. You should invest in a gun safe that you can store under your bed if you want a safe that you can easily hide and gain access to quickly in late night emergencies.

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Best Car Gun Safe

Best Car Gun Safe

As you know, many state laws require you to lock-up your weapons at all times. If you want to keep a gun in your car, then your weapon needs to be locked-up. Therefore, a car gun safe is your perfect solution to that problem. If you do not keep your gun locked in a gun safe inside your car, you are risking the life of yourself and everyone around you as well. The reality is that deaths and accidents from accidental shots are increasing. On top of that, thefts involving guns that are stolen from cars are extremely common as well. Therefore, to minimize any risk, you should safely lock up your weapon under the seat or in the back of your car.

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Best Biometric Gun Safe

Best Biometric Gun Safe

To ensure quick access to your weapons, you should consider investing in a biometric gun safe because they are designed with an electronic lock mechanism that provides instant access to your belongings. Biometric gun safes are usually more compact and portable than other gun safes on the market. Therefore, this is a perfect option for those who are looking for a solution to store their gun in the car. For quick access, you will be required to scan your fingerprint or enter a code. Have in mind that these are battery powered gun safes. However, they also include a battery indicator, so that you know exactly when it is time to change the batteries. Also, many of them come with a wall/car plugin so you don’t have to rely too much on batteries.

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Best In-Wall Gun Safe

Stack-On PWS-15522

If you want to keep your gun safe hidden, but you are looking for something else than under-the-bed gun safe, then in-wall gun safe is your best pick. These type of gun safes are built to be mounted into the wall and you can easily hide it behind a painting or a mirror. Wall-gun safes range in size, and you can invest in a compact unit that can store 1-2 handguns or you spacious unit that can store all your long guns. Therefore, it is important that you do your homework properly and make sure that you do not run into any issues regarding space. Measure your weapons and figure out how much space you need for the wall, and most importantly, if the safe is spacious enough to store your guns and other valuable belongings.

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Final Words

Not all gun safes are created equal, and while there are always some standard features and signs of quality to look out for, it is also important to spend some time establishing which type of gun safe is the best one for your own needs. This will depend on which gun or guns you have and what features you need such as easy access or something that can be kept under your bed.

Hopefully my reviews will have had a huge amount of help in terms of making your choice. Once you have explored the best in the correct category for you, my site also has a reviews section which gives a huge amount of information on individual models of safe including their features.

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