Verifi Smart Biometric S6000 Gun Safe Review

Zvetco Biometrics is known for its high-class security hardware and identity management solutions, including cost-effective network security tools like the VerifiSmart software and technology.  Additionally, the company provides personalized engineered parts, customer services, and OEM devices.

With 10 years of experience and amazing biometric security provisions, Zvetco Biometrics provide easy solutions to your safety requirements, regardless of how difficult they may seem. Available in various designs and types, Verifi smart safes make use of AuthenTec’s TruePrint sensor systems along with the AuthenTec large area sensors.

The Verifi S6000 offers you a robust and sophisticated design, a basic USB interface, improved security and usability, private labeling, and other personalized choices. Not only you get top-notch quality products with Zvetco Biometrics, but you also get tons of benefits out of a Gun Safe that is manufactured by an experienced team of programmers, and technical customer service providers.

In addition to that, the Verifi S6000 Gun Safe aims to offer safety, and at the same time, it is a real powerhouse technology wiz. However, having only an overwhelming set of technology won’t cut it because the most significant factor is security of course.

With that said, here’s a review of the company’s innovative Verifi S6000 Biometric Fast Access Gun Safe:

Key Features

  • Fingerprint sensor with 3D technology
  • Automatic-lock
  • Designed for office custodians, gun holders, DHS, DOD, and government departments
  • Weighs: 30 pounds
  • Solid steel construction
  • Safe Walls: 2mm/14ga.
  • External dimensions: 17.4 x16.1 x 7.9 inches
  • Internal dimensions: 1 x 11.8 x 7.3 inches
  • Mounting holes for wall or floor
  • Door clearance: 14.0 x 5.7 inches
  • Offers inbuilt tutorials
  • LCD Display
  • Numerous user capabilities
  • Safe Door: 4mm/8ga.
  • Two 20mm locking bolts
  • Motor-actuated


What makes the Verifi S6000 special, is its fingerprint scanner. Many people think that a fingerprint scanner will take a lot of time while trying to identify a fingerprint, which is why other companies usually provide safes with keypads and keys as a backup. However, the reality is the opposite, and you should rely on a more dependable fingerprint scanner.

Unlike other companies that provide optical sensors, the Verifi S6000 uses an FBI-certified silicon fingerprint sensor that makes use of a large surface area so that it reads a fingerprint accurately and rapidly. The fingerprint scanner is dependable and accurate, considering that a keypad becomes redundant and actually becomes a security hazard by offering more opportunities to guess codes for breaking in. The safe can store 40 separate fingerprints or 10 fingerprints each for a total of 4 persons.


If you’ve had a bad experience dealing with other biometric safes before, the Verifi S6000 Smart Safe can help you change your mind since it has a brilliant reputation of being the most user-friendly and simple biometric safe product out there. You can set up the safe in your home or office quickly and easily, the whole installation and start-up process takes just five minutes.

Usually with rest of the types of home security safes, these 5-minutes installation time usually take an hour or longer, but in this case, Zvetco Biometrics has made this safe really easy to use, with basic tutorials and simple setup instructions and usage options.

You really won’t have any difficulty getting the safe to work properly. Every time you power up the safe, the smart system completes a full diagnostic check so as to regulate the highest degree of security.

In fact, there are timed checkups happening that the safe manages itself. Thus, you should know that if something goes wrong, you will be instantly warned. Once you open the safe, it only takes one or two seconds to unbolt and simultaneously recognize who is accessing the safe while alerting you about the amount of battery life for the most convenient experience.

User management

You don’t have to use an instruction booklet to get your safe up and running. The safe comes with an Enrollment Setup Wizard that can guide you regarding storage of fingerprints and adjustment of settings like the intensity of the internal lighting. This walk-through can be displayed to the user through the LCD screen, so you can view settings like battery levels.

Furthermore, the safe embrace an inbuilt User Management system, and you don’t have to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to manage the settings. You can personalize usernames, add, or remove individual accounts, gain access to saved and time-stamped event logs, and view unwanted attempts and failed resets. All these details are stored in a flash memory so that your customized settings are saved in case of low battery situations.


The safe checks itself regularly and alerts you when needed, even during the sleep mode. These alerts might bedue to unwanted attempts at accessing the safe, battery levels, and other details. The safe also comes with a snooze feature that activates once you notice the low battery level. There are three levels of battery notifications:

  • Below 25% – The safe will beep only when in use
  • Below 20% – The safe will activate its Alert Mode and provide a series of loud beeps until the battery level is acknowledged
  • Under 15% – The safe will activate its Alarm Mode. Even at this battery level, the safe can work for multiple weeks.


Firstly, the safe can be easily locked in one particular place by just mounting it to the floor, wall, or furniture if you do not wish for anybody to just carry the safe away. Also, the safe automatically locks itself when the door is closed even if you put it on the latch. This saves you the trouble to use a key especially just to lock the safe.

Secondly, the safe comes with a backup cross-cut key that differs from standard backup keys. Unlike other safes that use a code for backup access, Zvetco Biometrics establishes that the most secure method of backup access is using a specialized key. Lastly, the safe comes with two 20 mm locking bolts that makes it difficult to pry into.


To avoid any irritation or blindness in the eye,the safe has a light inside it that gently glows with low intensity when you open the safe. If you want to adjust or turn off the light, all you have to do is change the settings using the LCD display.


The battery life and power of the safe is superlativeas compared to other safe models and brands. It uses four long-lasting AA batteries and can effectively give power for the safe for 2-3 years. The brand offers Boost power engineering to minimize the overall power consumption, thus letting it work for several years with just one set of AA batteries.


The body and design are both simple and robust, made of a solid steel. This makes the safe hard to access even while trying to break it. Its design includes two mounting holes at the bottom and in the back, making it easy to mount the safe on the floor.

The safe also comes with two keys so that you can access your documents in case of any problems or emergencies. You should know that the fingerprint scanner works with power and in case of low power, you need the key to open the case.


  • Mountable
  • Solid steel construction
  • Ability to add,set up, and delete usernames and profiles
  • Fast and reliable fingerprint scanner
  • FBI-certified fingerprint scanner
  • Adds up to forty fingerprints
  • Enrollment setup wizard
  • Stores an access log with details like unauthorized attempts
  • Timestamped logs
  • Flash memory
  • Internal light
  • LCD screen
  • Consistent performance even in low power mode
  • Self-check feature
  • Great customer service
  • Keyhole is hidden behind the nameplate
  • Low power consumption
  • 2 cross-cut backup keys
  • Automatic-lock
  • Tamper alerts


  • Steel wall can be a bit thicker and heavier
  • Does not spring open once it is unlocked
  • Interior light only stays lit for about 5 seconds

Final Verdict

The Verifi Smart and Fast Access S6000offers you a sophisticated design that uses an advanced fingerprint system, tamper alert, FBI-certified production,and operation. And, it provides you with the best safety for your large collection of firearms both in the house and workplace. It comes with an automatic door locking feature and great LCD display to show users all logs, details, and low battery notifications.

The safe has an LED neon light to give great interior visibility even in the dark. Its pre-drilled holes and sturdy hardware give you the option to mount the safe permanently at a specific place to keep away from any infants or intruders for safety.

10 fingerprints per person can be utilized with its advanced fingerprint management system so that you are in full control of your security system, and its stealth mode offers silent usage of the safe in case of an emergency. With the Verifi S6000, you can benefit from a fast and secure safety tool that’s ideal for everyone.

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