Winchester Gun Safes Reviews 2020

Winchester has been delivering high-quality security products since 1866. Winchester knows exactly what it takes to manufacture top-rated gun safes that match the security demands of Americans families.Consistency, along with durability are crucial elements that make up a Winchester gun safe. Moreover, Winchester Safes are designed implementing only cutting-edge materials and revolutionary production methods that ensure the highest quality.

All Winchester gun safes are designed to protect all your valuable items at home or work. It’s not just about firearms, because Winchester puts every thing that they have into their products. That way, you can rest assure that your firearms and other valuable personal belongings are safely locked inside heavy duty gun safe. Read over the Winchester gun safe reviews below and see if you can find the safe that offers peacefulness to you and your family.

Winchester Win Big Daddy Series

The is a typical big daddy safe that comes with double collector U-shaped gun racks and a wide body to enable plenty of storage and easier access to long guns. It has a beveled edge and a fixed top shelf which can be used to store smaller items. It also has a door panel organizer thermal accessory that provides quick access to the stored guns. A single power outlet and a power docking system are also included to enable convenient charging of your electronics. There are 5 layers of fireboard contained in its ceiling that helps in protecting your valuables from fire. Additionally, there are3 fireboard layers in the door and the body. In terms of fire protection, this unit has a fire rating of 75 minutes at a temperature of 1400F.

A Palusol door seal that is heat expandable and solid steel external strap hinges enables 180-degree door swing and full fireboard protection. This safe comes with an imp-resistant UL listed S & G electronic lock that has no key override or a vulnerable solenoid. Being UL listed, you can be sure that this safe offers maximum protection to your valuables against burglary. The safe also surpasses California DOJ requirements. It was built using12-gauge steel material and has continuous robotic welds. Some of the other features that sum up its solid construction include auxiliary re-locker, titanium disk, reinforced return door jamb, and pry-resistant recessed door. A 3-way active locking system that uses 1.5-inch steel bolts and the hinge side’s deadlocking bolts are also included. You can acquire a separate anchor kit to boost further this safe’s capabilities.

Winchester Home SAFES

This Home and Office safe from Winchester is extremely rich in features to provide security and fire protection for smaller items. The exterior dimensions of this safe are 30 x 20 x 20 inches, and the interior dimensions are 27 x 17 x 12 inches. The interior storage space is 6.9 cubic feet and thanks to the solid construction, the empty weight is 220 pounds. The safe also comes with adjustable shelves to customize your storage needs. While this safe won’t be able to handle any long guns, It is more than sufficient for numerous full size handguns.

The safe comes with an S&G EMP resistant electronic lock. It also has a solid steel 12 gauge body that is formed with precision robotic welding. And solid steel external barrel hinges. The external barrel hinges ensures the fire protection is complete because there are no holes required in the fire board. This safe is rated to provide 60 Minutes of fire protection at temperatures of to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. As an added protection, there are dead locking bolts on the hinge side of the door which cannot be compromised without removing the hinges entirely. The safety features 6-1 in solid steel locking bolts. Three of them are dead locking and three are active locking.

This safe also features a power docking system that gives two 110-volt Outlets and two USB pass throughs on the inside of the safe. The safest pre-drilled for floor anchoring to prevent tipping or easy removal. As with all Winchester safes, there is a lifetime free replacement guarantee in the event of a fire or a burglar attack.

Winchester Bandit 31 Gun Safe

This high-quality Winchester gun safe comes packed with features that make it an extraordinary purchase for protecting your valuable firearms. The exterior dimensions of the safe are 60 x 40 x 22 inches and the interior dimensions are a roomy 57 x 38 X 14.5 inches. This gives it a total storage volume of 30.5 cubic feet. The safe when empty weighs 516 Pounds, so the weight alone provides serious anti-theft protection.

The safe is constructed of 14 gauge steel with fire board layers to give it a fire rating of up to 45 minutes in heat up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. The safe can hold up to 38 long guns easily, and the door has eight individual pouches for safe and secure storage of handguns. Additional zippered pouches on the door allow storage of other accessories. The back of the safe has a small power cord exit hole to allow you to maintain power to a device inside the safe.

This safe exceeds the California DOJ requirements for a gun safe. The lock is an S&G mechanical lock with a three point Black Vault handle. The mechanical lock means that there is no key override or solenoid vulnerability. This gives it complete protection against an EMP attack. There are five active locking bolts and five dead locking bolts. Each bolt is a one-inch Solid Steel bolt.

This safe is pre drilled for floor Anchoring to prevent tipping. In the event of a burglary attack, Winchester provides a lifetime free replacement guarantee. This warranty is also effective in the event of a fire.

Winchester Win Big Daddy

This is a classic safe by Winchester that offers an extremely wide body and a double row of gun racks for easy access and storage of long guns. It also comes with a fixed top shelf that can hold smaller items. Eight door pouches provide storage for handguns and multiple zippered pouches provide storage solutions for documents or other important accessories. This safe can hold a total of 42 long guns in the racks as well. The exterior dimensions are 60 x 42 x 25 inches, with the interior dimensions measuring 54 x 39 x 15 inches. The empty safe weighs in at 814 pounds as well.

The lock is a mechanical dial lock and does not feature a key override. There are 14 total 1.25 inch solid steel bolts (9 active and 5 dead locking), which also includes locking bolts on the top and bottom for pry resistance. The body of the safe is made of solid 12 gauge steel that is assembled with precision robotic continuous welding. The front of the safe has drill-resistant heat-treated 1/4” steel plate for added protection. When under attack, an auxiliary re-locker keeps the active bolts locked into place as well.

This safe is also rated fireproof, providing 75 minutes of protection at temperatures up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. The trademarked expanding door seal sextuples in size to create an impermeable barrier against smoke and heat. Additional fireboard is sandwiched between the steel construction in the ceiling, walls, and doors. The zippered door pockets also have additional thermal-protective lining for added protection to important documents as well. In the event of a fire or burglary attack, Winchester has a lifetime free replacement guarantee.

Winchester Gun Safes: Complete Buying Guide

Winchester safes are built using the finest quality of materials. Additionally, they strive to maintain the highest UL burglary standards and have been approved as firearm safety device by California’s Department of Justice. Some of the common features in these safes include solid steel hinges, recessed doors, large deadlocking bolts, anti-pry tabs, and reinforced doorjambs. These features are quite useful in protecting your valuables in case of such events as home structure fires. There is one fire reported in every two minutes within the US and these safes are the best option to go for because of their excellent fire protection properties.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Winchester Gun Safe

Now that you have decided to purchase a Winchester gun safe, the first thing you will need to consider is the steel gauge. Steel is actually the most expensive component of a gun safe and also a key security feature as far as burglary protection is concerned. The key aspect to look out for in the steel gauges is the layer thickness. You need to pick a gun safe that has a smaller gauge number. A number like 12 means that you are getting a 1/12-Inch sheet of steel. A 10-steel gauge is therefore slightly thicker than the 12-steel gauge because it uses 1/10-inch sheet. Your gun safe requires a substantial amount of steel thickness in both the door and the walls.

The next thing that needs to be considered is the storage or safeguard options. If you need something simple that can store your handgun by the bedside, then a small biometric case will do a good job. Such a safe will guarantee you quick access whenever the need arises hence protecting you and the family. Choose a case that can accommodate at least two handguns with their magazines and one that has multiple fingerprints access. You should not compromise on the construction material and the battery backup. The best Winchester gun safe should be easy to set-up and able to keep the handguns out of children’s reach.

There is then the aspect of your armory size. When buying a safe, it is always good to buy a size that is bigger than what you actually need. If for instance, you intend to store 10 guns, then it is important to buy one that has the capacity to store 20 guns.

The Size

Different brands use different approaches for determining size. Some measure the exterior dimensions while others measure the interior dimensions. Choosing the exact size can, therefore, leave you disappointed especially if your guns fall on the larger side spectrum. You don’t want to place your guns in a disorganized manner as this will make it hard even to access them. There are also accessories that must be stored alongside the guns. They include attachments, scopes, ammo, and miscellaneous tactical gear. Apart from weapons, you also need to have some extra space to store other valuables. A larger safe is therefore much more convenient than a smaller one. You can easily remove or replace items or even add a second safe inside. Depending on your installation space, choose one that can perfectly fit in that space so that you don’t have to go through the pain of unbolting it in the future and replacing it with a bigger model.

Enhanced Durability

A good quality safe should have some level of fire protection. Most safes have the fire safety details located on the door’s inner side. These details include the degree of protection and the duration. A small layer of gypsum known as fireboard is usually sandwiched between the composite layers/protective plates of a safe. Whenever this layer is heated, it releases steam that helps in cooling down the safe during fire incidents. In order to secure your valuables after a fire incident, you must wipe them to remove any humidity or moisture. A good safe should last you many years. It is therefore important to choose an elegant design and color that fits your room´s decoration.

Additional Factors to Keep in Mind

Before buying your Winchester Gun safe, you need to also look at factors like the combined value of your armory, desired level of protection, dimensions, installation costs, and type of lock. To begin with, you need to spend at least 10 percent of the worth of your valuables on the safe. If your valuables are worth $100,000, then it is prudent to spend a minimum of $10,000 on the safe. There is then the desired level of protection. By assessing the desired level, you are able to save some money on your purchase.

It can also save you the trouble of buying a sub-standard safe when you could have spent a few more coins and obtained the right quality. You need to know whether you are using the safe as a storage chamber or something for securing your firearms from unauthorized access in order to determine the right level of protection. The right level of protection also reduces the financial liability when insuring your valuables. There is no need to spend money on redundant locking bolts and thousand-degree 2-hour fire protection features when you don’t need them. It is wise to spend just enough to provide sufficient security for your valuables without necessarily doubling up the security features.

You also need to choose these safes because of their unrivaled fit, finish as well as consistency. All the Winchester safes are identical in terms of design, coating, and operation. Their accessories are high-end and will guarantee you long-term use. Their factory at Fort Worth, Texas produces many gun safes every day which places the company ahead of the pack and they are the market leaders in the gun safe industry.

Dimension and Installation

The dimension factor depends very much on the available installation space. You need to buy a safe that fits well in its planned location. Most safes will comfortably pass through a standard door. If you are intending to install a larger safe, you need to check the doorway dimensions just to be sure that it will pass through. You need to get a unit that will fit into the house without needing some remodeling. The dimensions also help you to know the holding capacity of the safe.The opening of the door hinges will also have an impact on the space requirements. Hinges can open either internally or externally. For external hinges, it is good to choose one that operates the door 180 degrees.

Different Types of locks

After installing your safe, you wouldn’t want burglars and children to gain access to your gun safe. It is therefore important to use high tech and superior locking mechanism to secure your gun safe. One such mechanism is the electronic lock. These locks have a simple numeric keypad that allows you to enter the key. You can use the keypad to set and reset various key combinations. They provide quick access to the safe and they are a perfect choice for emergency situations and overall home protection.

Most of them use a 9-volt battery and have a basic circuit board. Under normal use, the batteries will last you long and are easy to replace. The advancements in technology have minimized the chances of the lock failing over time with the modern e-safes being just as reliable as the mechanical ones. It is good to choose a good quality electronic lock to reduce the chances of the number pad wearing out too soon. These locks are the default option in most safes nowadays and will satisfy most users as compared to their mechanical, biometric, EMP, and key lock counterparts.

Other Types of Locks

There are various ways to access a gun safe. They include thumbprint, password, and voice activation. It is important to choose a lock that can only be operated by authorized persons and can’t be easily opened by anyone else. Apart from the electronic locks, there are several other categories that you can choose from. The first category is the mechanical lock. Many people prefer them because of their simplicity and the fact that they are reliable and require very little maintenance. Since it doesn’t have any electronic components, you are always guaranteed access, and you won’t require any backup batteries. The only flipside is that these locks take longer to open and won’t be ideal in emergency situations. Generally, most people would prefer the convenience of these locks rather than their ease of use or speed.

The next category is the EMP locks also known as hybrid-dual locks. These are essentially electronic locks with a fall back mechanical redundancy option. This category gives you the best of the two worlds. It combines the convenience of an electronic lock with the backup properties of a mechanical lock. This feature will cost you an additional cost of between $300 and $500. There is then the key lock category which operates in the same way as a cabinet. It uses a key as either a primary access option or a redundant back-up. The last category is the biometric lock. This category wins the battle as far as ease of use and speed is concerned. They are among the newest locks on the market and uses the latest fingerprint scanning technology. These locks can be programmed to accept more than one fingerprint.

Humidity and Moisture

For the gun safe to last for many years to come, you need to consider the effect of humidity and moisture on your stuff inside the safe. Moisture is not only a bad element to the safe but also to the stored guns and valuables. A humidity monitor can help you track the humidity levels to ensure that they are low. One way of dealing with condensed water is to acquire an electric heating rod like the Goldenrod. Such a rod will help in controlling the safe’s humidity. Some safes come with internal power that can play this role. For the safes lacking this option, you can buy a renewable dehumidifier that plays the same role as the Goldenrod. The Golden rods, however, are a better option because of their superior capabilities. Having several packets of silica gel can also help in controlling humidity. If you are storing guns that have some wooden parts, then some small amount of humidity will be good to protect them from cracks. If the guns are being stored in cases inside the safe, then it is important to keep the cases open so that to prevent the build-up of moisture. You need some level of air circulation within the stored valuables.

Receiving your Winchester Gun Safe

There is then the aspect of costs involved in installing and moving the gun safe. Most safes are quite bulky weighing over 500 pounds,and most retailers will provide curbside delivery service. This means that the safe will be delivered in front of your house, but you will be required to make further arrangements to move it inside and install it. When gauging the price of the safe, it is therefore important to know that some costs will be incurred in hiring a professional helper.


The other reason for choosing Winchester is the replacement guarantee and warranty periods they provide. Each of their gun safes come with lifetime warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials. The high-quality standards that are observed during construction of these safes already safeguard you against such defects. The warranty gives you the assurance that in case anything arises along the way, you are fully covered. Additionally, the locking mechanism that includes a two-year warranty period. This warranty can be extended up to 11 years at extra cost during the purchase period. This warranty covers both the mechanical and electronic locks. In case your safe gets damaged due to fire or burglary attack, the company guarantees to repair it at no extra cost.

Final Thoughts

The Winchester brand has been around since 1866, and they have produced some of the most iconic firearms. Their safes have been built with the same level of innovation and reliability. The first reason you need to choose Winchester is that they are made in the USA.This gives them a deep connection with the U.S local industry and high levels of reliability and durability. A safe is something that will serve you for a long period of time,and it is important to get the best that the market has to offer, and this is where Winchester comes into the equation.

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